L’Etape Slovakia by Tour de France
presented by ŠKODA



Based on the Amaury Sport Organization (A.S.O.) licence, the event is organized by BE COOL, s.r.o. in cooperation with Bratislavský maratón o.z., BE COOL Bory, s.r.o. and other partners


Place, date and time
Bratislava, Štrkovec lake – Ružinovská street – 21.08.2021
– KIDS RACE from 9 am
– FAMILY RIDE (non-competition) from 3 pm

Director and head organizer: Jozef Pukalovič (jozo@becool.sk)
Sports director: Peter Doležal (p.dolezal@bora.com)
Technical director: Peter Pukalovič (peto@becool.sk)
Head referee: Milan Dvorščík (milan.dvorscik@gmail.com)

General information
Public cycling race. FAMILY RIDE is a non-competition „race“. E-bikes are not allowed for KIDS RACE.

The race is subject to cycling rules and these propositions. All participants are taking part at their own risk, the organizer is not liable for any damages caused to or by participants. Every participant must comply with road traffic laws and regulations and respect the police, staff and referee instructions. The organizer reserves the right to make necessary changes to the schedule of events due to unpredictable (vis maior) circumstances.
During the race, every cyclist must wear a helmet and have a technically suitable bicycle. It is forbidden to use headphones during the race (if this is the case, the racer could be disqualified).
The prohibition of using headphones is for the safety of participants and spectators. Every participant must react adequately and promptly to the traffic of accompanying vehicles, staff motorcycles, police, medical and ambulance staff, as well as to other regulations, instructions and interventions of the organizer.
The track information will be available at www.letapeslovakia.sk.

Registration and starting fee
Registration is available at www.letapeslovakia.sk via ticket company predpredaj.sk.
Registration will also be available onsite during presentation, no later than one day before the race (20th August 2021).
After completing all the mandatory fields of the registration form, you will be redirected to the payment gate. The registration is valid after the payment.
The registration will be launched on 8th April 2021. The starting fees of every discipline are available at www.letapeslovakia.sk together with possible refund of the starting fee.
The organizer has the right to define the maximum number of participants according to the track, participants safety and epidemic measures.
„RACE OFFICE“ will be available near Štrkovec lake from 19th to 22nd August 2021. Additional information will be specified before the event.
In case of a problem with registration, please contact zuzka@becool.sk.


Označenie kategórie Age* Year of birth
KIDS - A 3 - 6 2018 – 2015
KIDS - B 7 - 10 2014 – 2011
KIDS - C 11 - 14 2010 – 2007
FAMILY-RIDE (noncompetition) Open** 2010 a viac

Kids will be starting according to their age categories (A, B a C), boys and girls individually.
* age to 31st December 2021
** kids from 11 to 15 years can only participate in presence of their representative and with his/her agreement

Track distances
Category A: 600 m
Category B: 1200 m
Category C: 2500 m

In category A, it is possible for parents to participate in the race together with their children. Parents, either alone or together with their children, always join at the end of each start wave!!! We strongly ask parents for respect, especially in relation to children who race on their own without parental support, as well as with each other. Remember that you are setting an example for children with your behaviour and manifestations of “fair play”.

Presentation and pick up of starting packages
19.08.2021 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.
20.08.2021 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.
21.08.2021 from 7 a.m. – only for participants residing outside of Bratislava (at least 30 minutes before start)

Starting number and package
Starting fee includes:
– starting numbers
– „Road book“ with basic race information
– starting package L‘Etape Slovakia by Tour de France
– multifunctional headwear L‘Etape Slovakia by Tour de France
– medal L‘Etape Slovakia by Tour de France
– photo shooting at the finish line (photos will be sent to your email address after you tick the checkbox in the registration form)
– medical assistance on the track and at the finish line
– refreshment at the finish line
– on-line diploma available to download and print

Requirement for participation
Registration, helmet, starting number, technically suitable bicycle.

Declaration and insurance
Every L’Etape Slovakia by Tour de France participant is taking part at his/her own risk. The traffic will be regulated during the race. Every participant must follow the traffic rules, as well as staff and police instructions.
The participant should be aware of his/her medical condition before the race by visiting a sports doctor.
Every participant must have an individual health insurance. The organizer is not responsible for any property or health damage concerning the travel, stay and participation in the race. Every participant is taking part at his/her own risk.
There is a possibility to state any medical information at the backside of the starting number (as well as in the registration form). This information will be used by organizer and medical staff only in the case of emergency. You can specify your actual health problems, disease, allergy, ICE contact or other important information in order to help us react properly during an injury or emergency.

Unable to participate – Change of the participant – Refund
We do not refund the starting fee. However, if you let us know about your non-participation till 31st July 2021, we can transfer your starting fee for the next year or to another person (if you have a substitute) without giving any reason. In case of a medical condition, if you let us know till 20th August 2021, we can transfer your starting fee for the next year after receiving a proper medical report. If this is the case, please contact zuzka@becool.sk.
The participant substitution (change of the racer) from 1st August 2021 will be only possible after paying 5€ fee after contacting zuzka@becool.sk. It is not possible to substitute the participant on the race day or after picking up the starting package (with bib number). This must be done at least one day before the race.
The starting number is unique and must not be worn by another racer as the one entered in the registration form. If someone will be competing with someone else’s starting number, he will be disqualified by the organizer without possibility to attend any event organized by BE COOL, s.r.o. in the future.
If the pandemic situation will not allow to organize the race and the event will be cancelled, therefore the participant will have a possibility to choose from these options:
a) the starting fee will be refunded directly to his/her bank account
b) transfer the starting fee and participate in the next year’s event

KIDS RACE: First tree boys and first three girls in every category will obtain material prize.
Only children who pass the entire distance without significant parental help can be included in the results and rewarded!
Results ceremony will take place near the finish line. The schedule will be announced before the race.
FAMILY RIDE: non-competition organised cycling ride through the city for the whole family in the peloton behind the accompanying vehicle

Medical assistance will be available in the start zone, finish zone and on the track.

The circuit will be partially closed for public transport.

Sanctions and protests
In case of non-compliance with these propositions, the participant may be removed from the classification or excluded from the race.

Organizer BE COOL, s.r.o. reserves the right to modify and further specify some of the information given in these propositions, in particular in the light of vis maior circumstances. The organizer also reserves the right to terminate the registration of participants with regard to the maximum capacity of participants in the event.
Organizer BE COOL, s.r.o. also reserves the right to cancel or interrupt the event or any of the disciplines of the event in case of serious danger, especially war, bad weather, epidemic, the danger of terror or other attack endangering the safety of the participants or other unpredictable vis maior circumstances.
In such case, the participant has no right to a refund of the starting fee because the organizer has already incurred the costs for the event preparation in the time before the actual moment of interruption / cancellation of the event. However, after considering all the circumstances and quantifying the costs associated with the preparation of the event, the organizer may compensate the participant for part of the entry fee.
Before the event, the organizer will publish a manual and rules of participation and behaviour for participants, the organizational team and spectators in accordance with the relevant epidemic and hygienic rules.

See you at the starting line!!!

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